A classroom of students listening attentively during a LEAP Symposium presentation


建立债券. 火焰轨迹.

在霍利奥克山, 我们的学生, 教师, staff and alum community have never been afraid to be out in front. 在这里, we build enduring bonds, break through barriers, and blaze even bigger trails for the generations to come — so we can leave the world better than we found it.

We believe in the strength of connections. That's why we build bridges among people and across disciplines. Between cultures and through ideas. In the classroom and around the globe. It's how discovery goes deeper, sparks spread further and we push beyond the limits of what we thought was possible. And together, we guide, challenge and support each other to grow and reach the places we want to go.

每一天, each of 我们的学生 cultivates the competence, confidence and cour年龄 to make an impact — whether on a personal, community or global level. And we're always moving forward. Because when you're out in front, you realize just how boundless you are.

At the leading edge of change

Our graduates draw upon the skills they develop at Mount Holyoke to excel in fields as varied as medicine, 业务, 科学, 法律, 艺术, 公共服务, 学术界及其他领域. Employers — specifically in finance, 业务 and STEM — intentionally seek out graduates of women’s colleges because of their potential to lead right away.



90% of graduates from the class of 2020 for whom outcomes data could be obtained (80% of the class) were employed and/or in graduate school within six months following graduation.

Storyteller and National Geographic Explorer, Tara Roberts is photographed in Key West, 佛罗里达, 11月6日, 2021. (Wayne Lawrence/National Geographic)

校友 leading the way

在霍利奥克山, the bench of female “firsts” is deep and varied, from the first woman in the presidential cabinet to the first woman producer to win an Oscar. These leaders are ready to help new graduates find their way.



We excel in preparing students for careers in 科学, technology, engineering and math. 40% of 我们的学生 major in STEM fields — a significantly higher proportion of women than at coeducational institutions.



Students working in the reading room of the Williston library


Mount Holyoke College students share a keen curiosity, deep intelligence and a passion for big ideas and bold actions that make the world a better place.

Students working in lab with 教师.


Our nationally-recognized 教师 are active scholars, 研究人员, and artists — in addition to being extraordinary instructors and mentors.

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The class of 1994 marching in the Laurel Parade


我们的校友 are everywhere — from the highest levels of leadership to the forefront of innovation — and deeply committed to the Mount Holyoke community.

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